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Marco works closely with the consulting team in shaping recommendations for improving Gallup clients to improve their business performance. He is responsible for presenting consulting recommendations to senior leadership and conducting one-on-one coaching and development sessions with senior executives.

Marco has extensive experience in the retail, tourism, telecommunication, banking, insurance and FMCG sectors. He also gained experience in market and opinion research as a project manager and research director for Gallup from 1998 to 2001. He advises clients on employee and customer engagement and in optimizing employee-customer interactions. He conducts Business Impact Analysis to demonstrate the return on investment of Gallup’s approaches to employee and customer management. He is also responsible for Gallup’s research and development studies in German-speaking countries.

Marco is co-author of Human Capital Management in deutschen Unternehmen. He has published more than 20 research articles and book chapters in well-known German journals, including planung & analyse, Personal, and Personalwirtschaft. He is often invited to speak at conferences in Germany. Marco studied communication research, political science and sociology at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz, Germany.

Watch this space for more information about Marco’s talk coming here soon.