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Never off the shelf. The retailer that’s spearheading bespoke AI and robotics solutions to transform operational performance and competitiveness.

Productivity and agility are constant watchwords for Ocado, the world’s largest online only grocery retailer and for Morrisons, the UK’s fourth biggest supermarket. Ocado Technology is focused on developing AI and robotics solutions that enable the complex warehousing and logistics operations of these UK based and retailers and future international players to achieve peak performance with the smallest possible footprint, while its workforce is freed from manual tasks to focus on adding value.  Alex outlines the commercial imperatives for the company’s robotics strategy and describes ground breaking initiatives currently in operation and under development.

  • Swarm behaviour – how Ocado’s fleet of robots ensure the densest storage and retrieval system
  • Pick and pack everything – creating robotic systems to deal with a range of 50,000 items of every size, shape and texture
  • Horizon 2020 – Ocado’s role in an EU research and innovation programme to develop solutions that reduce the need for warehouse space and make worker-robot collaboration a reality
  • Designing tomorrow solutions today – how Ocado’s research activities are forming the cornerstone initiatives from assisted living to robotic deliveries direct to the kitchen
  • From drawing board to warehouse floor – how Ocado translates its AI vision into commercial practice
  • Power to the people – how Ocado’s drive for robotics strengthens its employment potential


Alex is responsible for all robotics developments for Ocado.  Recent career highlights have included the Morrisons ecommerce launch and the successful award of two EU Commission funded robotics research projects working with several high profile European universities.  Before joining Ocado in 2010 he worked for HGL Dynamics developing real time safety monitoring systems for the dynamic analysis of gas turbines. He redeveloped the company’s application suite and negotiated, specified and managed the delivery of advanced systems for the Royal Navy.   He began his career in the aerospace industry, having studied mechanical engineering and computer science at Edinburgh university.