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12 October 2018 | London

The 3rd Annual AI & Robotics Main Event will address the broader strategic issues and explores the transformational impact of AI and robotics across industries and sectors. With a focus on innovation and investment, business growth and profitability, it provides an audit of key development areas.

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2018 Programme Summary

Plenary Thought Leaders Debate – Defining Our Future

AI technologies are re-shaping our future. It’s up to us to determine whether they enhance our lives or diminish them. On 12 October 2018, three of the world’s most respected minds in AI, business change and technology/human interaction will come together to put the case for a positive AI-enabled future. They’ll consider how AI could impact the business operations, world economies and human life for good or ill and, eschewing doom laden prophecies and idealised dreams, investigate what we can do to ensure technology remains humanity’s life enhancing servant – not its master.

The Defining Our Future Debate will be moderated by change management specialist Anton Fishman and customer management expert, Mike Havard. It will kick-start two high-octane technology focused business conferences:

2018 Agenda Summary to date

09:15 Chairs Welcome

Anton Fishman, AIR Chair and Mike Havard, CXtech Chair

09:30 – 11:15 Plenary Debate: Defining Our Future

AI and big business: When will UK business get real about AI?
AI is like teenage sex. Everyone thinks others are doing more of it than they are and so mask their inexperience behind bravura talk. We say it’s time for business to shape up – technology can transform business productivity and profitability, but only if companies put AI front and centre in their innovation and talent management strategies.
Daniel Hulme , CEO of Satalia and Director of Business Analytics MSc at University College London

AI and the human experience: Will humans be superseded by the technologies they’ve created?
Research into the everyday interactions between people and emerging technologies reveals a worrying trend – that humans risk being put out of work and deprived of purpose by the very technologies intended to improve their lives. This future can only be averted by creating technologies that enhance human capability rather than replace human skill. We consider whether responsible innovation can create an equal relationship between people and technology, leading to high-performance workplaces and satisfying lives.
Dr Chris Brauer , Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths University and Founder of the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies

AI and economic survival: Can our current world order survive AI’s twin singularities?
The world faces the arrival of two AI-driven singularities – points at which the rules we’ve lived by till now will simply break down. The first is economic, when machines take over human work. The second is technological, when machines relegate humans to the position of the planet’s second most intelligent life form. Some say capitalism and liberal democracy will not survive. We argue that political and economic systems can be reshaped, businesses and organisations can transform their missions, and human beings achieve far greater self-realisation in a technologically enriched world.
Futurologist, journalist and best-selling author Calum Chace

11:45 – 13:00 AI & Robotics Keynotes 

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch & Solutions Showcase

14:00 – 15:20 Case Studies & Panel Debate

15:40 – 17:00 Case Studies & Panel Debate

17:00 Chair’s Summary followed by Tech Showcase, Networking & Drinks


Anton Fishman

Managing Director, Fishman & Partners Ltd

Alistair Shepherd

Founder and President, Saberr

Alice Zimmermann

Global Product Partnerships, Google

Rob McCargow

Director of AI, PwC

James Alexander

Decisioning Director, Sky

Kriti Sharma

VP, Artificial Intelligence, Sage

Nigel Houlden

Head of Technology Policy, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Andrew Burgess

Author and Strategic Advisor on AI and RPA

Daniel Hulme

CEO, Satalia

Nicola Strong

Managing Director, Strong Enterprises

Alex Harvey

Head of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Ocado

Maria Semykoz

Workplace Analytics Architect, Gallup

Miranda Sharp

Director Innovation, Ordnance Survey

James Rapinac

Director, Gallup

I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I was hugely impressed by the content and presenters and cannot wait to attend another.

by Caroline Troup, Telefónica UK

The best AI event I’ve attended to date. The quality of the speakers outshines other events. The topics were practical, varied and unique. Well done to the organisers.

by Claire Masson, Financial Times | IE Corporate Learning Alliance

Interesting, contextual view of role of AI

by Steven Hedges, DB (Deutsche Bank)

Well organised event with good range of topics to appeal to a broad audience. Great learning opportunity, which can be easily applied to the workplace.

by Stuart Balnaves, UCAS

A good balance of technical and emotional debate. An excellent cost-effective event. Well done!

by Marcel Horst, Procorre

Very useful event covering a broad range of topics!

by Tim Barker, Confirmit

Extremely valuable and insightful.

by Leigh Bridger, HomeServe

AI isn’t tomorrow’s world science, its today’s business reality. Any business that isn’t exploiting AI’s potential is at risk of being left behind.

by Anton Fishman, Conference Chairman and change management consultant


155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD

We’re turning 155 Bishopsgate’s venue into a connected event environment that lets you move seamlessly between our conference and Solutions Showcase; where there’s plenty of room to meet, greet, share experience and talk business.

And, of course, there’s a focus on connectivity. Superfast wifi and exceptional business services mean you’ll never be out of touch with your world.
155 Bishopsgate, London, is located next to Liverpool St. Station in The City of London.




rated the event ‘excellent’ or ‘good’


found the overall choice of topics ‘excellent’ or ‘good’


applauded the choice of speakers


found that the information provided will add value to their organisation

+43 NPS

(Net Promoter Score)

The best AI event I’ve attended to date. Great range of top speakers and experts in the field. The quality of the speakers outshines other events. The topics were practical, varied and unique. An incredibly practical insight into one of the most compelling and important topics facing business today. The event was really beneficial for me.  Better networking than at any other I’ve attended. First rate. Provided me with an excellent appreciation of how AI is developing, actual and potential applications, and some clear issues to take back.  Very well organised. Very high quality.  Hugely enjoyable and informational.  Provided several concrete new leads and potential business opportunities. Invaluable, it creates a space for dialogue and debate on designing the world of work for tomorrow’s business.

Highlights captured by Private Eye Magazine at the AI & Robotics Main Event 2017

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