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AI & Robotics events

Where people and machines mean business

About Us

Our year-round programme of events is your finger on the pulse of a new business world powered by AI. An extended series of Directors’ Forums supports the Main Event, the apex of our London-based programme. Our events focus on the three things that matter most…

Science: Latest developments in AI and robotics and where they might take us.
Business: Case studies from the real world – from business improvement to transformation and the creation of new business models.
Work: How the workplace is being reshaped by smart humans and smart technology working in collaboration.


The Directors’ Forums offer focused deep dives that investigate the impact on key business sectors and key business applications.

From Financial Services to Customer Engagement, these forums provide an invited audience with the opportunity to home in on specific topics and investigate market specific challenges and opportunities.

Schedule of Events:

  • AI & CX Transforming Financial Services, Thursday 27 June
  • AI & CX Transforming Retail & Customer Data, Wednesday 17 July
  • Conversational AI for Customer and Employees, Tuesday 29 October
  • AI Transforming HR & Recruitment, Thursday 21 November


Find out more about our Director Forums


Defining Our Future: Thought Leaders Debate how AI will Shape Business, Economics and the Human Experience on 4 October 2019 in London

AI technologies are re-shaping our future. It’s up to us to determine whether they enhance our lives or diminish them. On 12 October 2019, three of the most respected minds in AI, business change and technology/human interaction will come together to put the case for a positive AI-enabled future. They’ll consider how AI could impact the business operations, world economies and human life for good or ill and, eschewing doom laden prophecies and idealised dreams, investigate what we can do to ensure technology remains humanity’s life enhancing servant – not its master.

The Defining Our Future Debate will be moderated by change management specialist Anton Fishman and customer management expert, Mike Havard. It will kick-start two high-octane technology focused business conferences:

AI & Robotics, The Main Event, 4 October 2019


The AI Roundtables are hosted as either Dinner, Breakfast or Lunch style events, for a small number of participants together with an expert speaker. These can be organised as a close corporate C-Suite workshop or as an open event to the general public.

The topics will vary and determined by the specific need of the attending group. Example topics include;

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Setting up an Innovation Practice
  • Becoming a Digital Native business
  • Ethics, Governance and Responsible AI
  • Tools, Frameworks and Vendor Selection Methodology 


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I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I was hugely impressed by the content and presenters and cannot wait to attend another.

by Caroline Troup, Telefónica UK

The best AI event I’ve attended to date. The quality of the speakers outshines other events. The topics were practical, varied and unique. Well done to the organisers.

by Claire Masson, Financial Times | IE Corporate Learning Alliance

Interesting, contextual view of role of AI

by Steven Hedges, DB (Deutsche Bank)

Well organised event with good range of topics to appeal to a broad audience. Great learning opportunity, which can be easily applied to the workplace.

by Stuart Balnaves, UCAS

A good balance of technical and emotional debate. An excellent cost-effective event. Well done!

by Marcel Horst, Procorre

Very useful event covering a broad range of topics!

by Tim Barker, Confirmit

Extremely valuable and insightful.

by Leigh Bridger, HomeServe

AI isn’t tomorrow’s world science, its today’s business reality. Any business that isn’t exploiting AI’s potential is at risk of being left behind.

by Anton Fishman, Conference Chairman and change management consultant


Anton Fishman

Managing Director, Fishman & Partners Ltd

Alistair Shepherd

Founder and President, Saberr

Alice Zimmermann

Global Product Partnerships, Google

Rob McCargow

Director of AI, PwC

James Alexander

Decisioning Director, Sky

Kriti Sharma

VP, Artificial Intelligence, Sage

Nigel Houlden

Head of Technology Policy, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Andrew Burgess

Author and Strategic Advisor on AI and RPA

Daniel Hulme

CEO, Satalia

Nicola Strong

Managing Director, Strong Enterprises

Alex Harvey

Head of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Ocado

Maria Semykoz

Workplace Analytics Architect, Gallup

Miranda Sharp

Director Innovation, Ordnance Survey

James Rapinac

Director, Gallup


AI & Robotics events are organised by Informed AI Events Ltd

A business media organisation with a reputation for creating mould-breaking business events that challenge traditional thinking and overturn established formats. With more than 30 years’ experience the Informed AI team has managed national and international events on every continent in industries including customer experience, employee engagement, outsourcing, information and communication technologies, food manufacturing, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Informed AI  events are more than conferences; they connect audiences in new ways, opening up opportunities for discussion and debate that foster innovation and business growth.

For information on the AI & Robotics and CX events, please contact: Andy Pardoe via email: