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Play the game to win. How virtual reality, gaming and analytics can engage employees of the smartphone generation and boost CX
Krister Kristiansen, Managing Director, Attensi UK

A tsunami of digitalisation is hitting every industry, with customer and employee expectations for sophisticated digital interaction taking every business by storm. Though companies know that a holistic, omni-channel CX is now a key success factor, many struggle to measure it and even more to boost it consistently across their complex networks, operating units and business departments. By the same token, they also struggle to engage the front line employees responsible for delivering CX. These young digital natives speak a different language and work in different ways to the generations that preceded them. Krister’s presentation shares actionable insights from big companies that are using gamified 3D simulations to overcome both of these challenges. He’ll highlight successes, failures and the reasons for both, and tell you how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Krister has worked in Attensi for five years, consulting with business leaders on how to engage ‘the smartphone generation’ in ways that boost CX, employee engagement and sales. He previously spent six years with the Boston Consulting Group, helping companies in the UK and Scandinavia to solve some of their biggest operational efficiency challenges.