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Alex leads the pymetrics business in EMEA. Having trained as an engineer at University, Alex decided that he was more suited talking to people than building machines, and set off on a sales path that took him through the dot-com boom and bust in the telecoms industry and then into the broader world of technology at Microsoft. Since 2011 he has been enjoying bringing disruption toHR tech space, first at LinkedIn and now at pymetrics. He is an optimist with a firm belief in the power of technology to make people happier and healthier, and to make organisations more efficient, fair and successful.

Pymetrics is the leader in 21st century hiring. Founded by two female Harvard/MIT-trained PhDs, pymetrics uses neuroscience games and bias-free AI to predictively match people with jobs where they’ll perform at the highest levels. Through 25 minutes of game play, pymetrics assesses candidates based on their potential — their inherent cognitive and emotional make-up — rather than their pedigree, or CV.  Pymetrics powers hiring for over 50 enterprise clients worldwide, all of which are seeing massive improvements in both quality and diversity of candidates, as well as efficiency and ROI of hiring processes. Pymetrics is the only predictive hiring technology to ensure that algorithms are bias-free, making them a pioneer for democratizing and diversifying predictive hiring.