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Three small robots and their plan to feed the world: Or, it’s time to kiss the tractor goodbye
Ben Scott-Robinson, Co-Founder, The Small Robot Company

Meet Tom, Dick and Harry. Three small robots with big plans for the way we grow food. Agriculture is big business and an industry on which we all depend. It’s also reliant on some very old tech, including tractors, which damage the soil, burn energy and treat plants pretty roughly. Tom, Dick and Harry are out to replace them. By caring for every plant individually they only feed and spray those that need it and, because they’re a light touch on the land, they don’t damage the structure or fertility of the soil. Let Ben introduce you to this soon-to-be-famous trio and show how, down on the farm, they’re boosting revenues by 40% and cuttings costs by 60%.

Ben co-founded The Small Robot Company in 2017 with a vision to replace tractors with accurate, smart, lightweight robots. He brought to that task his experience working on the digital transformation of Ordnance Survey maps, which involved him in shaping the technology behind autonomous vehicles. An experienced technology entrepreneur, Ben has founded two agencies, two consultancies, an app-start start up and a phone for blind people. He is also a tutor on mobile and social strategy for Google’s Squared Online Digital Innovator course. He has been in the Drum Magazine’s Mobile Top 50 for two years running, in the Digerati Top 100 and on Experience Innovator of the Year.