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If it’s still appropriate to use the term ‘digital native’ then I guess I am one of them. I started my career as a journalist for India’s first tech start up and soon discovered an unrelenting love for technology, content and people. I was lucky enough to witness (very early on) the difference emerging technology and consumer adoption of the same made in society but its impact on simple and complex business models.

I guess it’s one of the reasons why, years later, I found social media a breeze and why I began to specialise in how social technology has and is transforming consumer behaviour. I’ve worked in social/digital marketing and digital transformation since 2008 and have helped drive some of the most successful teams and strategies for blue chip companies.

When it comes to work, I like be true to who I am and I come to work to make a difference. I’m passionate about the success of women and diversity in the workplace. As a leader, I encourage a culture of inclusion and acceptance within the places I work at.

Finally, if you’re interested in my academics, I also have a first class degree in Economics and a postgraduate diploma in PR and Corporate Communications. I’ve trained in Excellence for Leadership, Project Management, Think Big – Selling from the Left, user-centred design, and accessibility.

That’s me and my experience in a nutshell. Please feel free to get in touch if you think I can help you in any way.

Specialties: Digital strategy, digital transformation, online, marketing, Digital Marketing, social insight and analytics, community, Social media strategy and implementation, CRM, Social CRM, editing, web production, SEO, strategy, content strategy, writing, public speaking, customer experience, business development, relationship management, public speaking