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Case study: Helping money make the world go round.  How AI underpins safety, security and profitable operations for London Stock Exchange

Headquartered in London and operating worldwide, LSE is a diversified international market infrastructure and capital markets business at the heart of the world’s financial community.  Over a year ago it undertook to build an AI infrastructure that would help enhance its markets, while exploring a variety of other areas with the potential to make employees smarter and to improve the productivity and efficiency of its operations. This is a multi-year effort that’s set to transform every aspect of how LSE works.  In this presentation Chris highlights early successes and valuable lessons learned at the sharp end of business-focused AI innovation.

  • From market surveillance to security – how LSE is using analytics to police its networks and maintain a fair marketplace
  • Market operations and IT platforms – AI’s role in reducing operational cost, enhancing customer experience and maintaining the trading platforms the financial world relies upon
  • From unstructured data to business information – how AI manages the transformation with accuracy, consistency and speed to underpin a powerful revenue stream for LSE
  • R&D and open innovation – how LSE built its AI capability by tackling solvable problems with enthusiastic teams – and relegated cost reduction to the bottom of its priority list

Chris has more than 30 years’ experience in managing technology platforms and transformational change in financial services. Before joining LSE in 2015 he was Managing Director of MSCI and has held senior CTO roles with leading banks including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and UBS. He has also worked for high growth technology companies including eBAy, AT&T and Asurion.  Chris began his career at IBM and graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems & Business Administration from the University of New York.