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Less talk, more action: How businesses can harness AI to transform their profitability and re-shape our world
Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia, Director, Business Analytics MSc, UCL, TedX speaker

AI is a bit like teenage sex. Everyone thinks other people are doing more of it than they are and so hide their inexperience behind a lot of bravura talk. It’s time to get real, and for the tentative relationship between AI and business to mature and flourish. Daniel, who is committed to pushing boundaries around AI’s business applications, argues that it’s time for organisations to re-think their innovation and talent management strategies to put AI front and centre. Organisations that fail to do so, he insists, will simply be overtaken by those that use advances in technology to maximise organisational effectiveness and market potential. Daniel predicts how new technologies will evolve over the next three decades and how, by adopting them, businesses can transform their profitability and re-shape our world.

Daniel has been CEO of Satalia since 2008 and, since 2014, the Director of University College London’s Business Analytics MSc. In both roles he is committed to pushing the boundaries of data science, optimisation and AI to solve the industry’s most pressing problems. He has a Masters and Doctorate in AI from UCL, lectures in computer science and business, and is passionate about how technology can be used to govern organisations and bring positive social impact. He is the co-founder of ASI Data Science, has advisory and executive positions in several companies and holds an international Kauffman Global Entrepreneur Scholarship. In each of his eclectic roles he is an active promoter of positive entrepreneurship and technology innovation. He is a serial speaker for both Google and Tedx and a faculty member of the Singularity University.