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Preparing Your Workforce for the AI Revolution

With AI spending projected to jump nearly 500% to $47 Billion by 2020, AI will reshape business processes, transforming countless aspects of our work environment from product development to operations to customer service. However, as AI becomes more integrated into our day-to-day operations, leaders risk not unlocking its full potential if they do not effectively align their people strategies to their AI strategies. Over four decades, Gallup has extensively analyzed workplace trends and their effects on employees, helping organizations maximize business performance through effective human capital strategies. David Leonard will discuss Gallup’s latest insights and best practices from leading organizations in how they are preparing their workplaces to effectively incorporate AI into their businesses.

David Leonard is a Partner at Gallup. David leads Gallup’s Advanced Analytics Consulting Practice, which aligns data and people to empower predictive insights and intelligent decision-making. Leveraging Gallup’s expertise in global data collection and analytics along with its proprietary behavioral economic indicators and change management solutions, the Advanced Analytics Practice partners with global organizations to define and drive business strategy through market insights, research design, predictive modeling and analytics, and change management consulting. David has experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, including financial services, retail, advertising, manufacturing and consumer technology.
Prior to joining Gallup, David was a senior leader at a healthcare information and analytics technology startup. He also previously worked for a leading healthcare consulting firm, launching its inaugural business intelligence and analytics technology solution.
David received his master’s degree in business administration from Cornell University and his bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University.