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Five ways to fix the machine – how ‘convergent relationships’ create organisations that work

Advances in accessible technologies are moving faster than industry’s ability to utilise them effectively. Business leaders used to keeping a firm hand on the tiller are increasingly being called upon to shoot the rapids. Yet they, and their companies, are increasingly uncertain of their ability to navigate ‘white water’ change.  Not surprising.  The critical enablers for this white knuckle ride are more complex than even the most advanced technologies. They reside in the nature of relationships within companies and across their diverse stakeholder networks. This presentation explores how companies can develop a culture of ‘convergent relationships’ to support digital transformation. It’s an approach that might just help us fix the machine.

  • Fixing the machine – creating organisations that run smoothly at speed and absorb change fast
  • The risks of the ride – how digital transformation gone wrong can erode value chains and threaten market positions
  • Better together – why convergent technologies need convergent relationships
  • A five step fix – a progressive approach to transforming people, technology and business performance

Frank Nigriello is a former journalist, editor and management consultant with a background in the IT, logistics and financial services who maintains a strong interest in organisational learning and the psychology of influence. In addition to directing corporate affairs for the global logistics, manufacturing and consultancy group, Unipart, Frank chairs an Oxfordshire-based business innovation network, a cluster of businesses and schools working in partnership, and the South East Advisory board of Business in the Community. He was the Prince of Wales’ Ambassador for Responsible Business for two years and recently edited a book profiling more than 50 entrepreneurs in Oxfordshire.