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Smart market for artificial intelligence: How merger and acquisition will shape the future

Merger and acquisition activity is starting to hot up in the AI space as smart investors and innovation hungry corporates go in search of talent and opportunity. Giovanni, who has monitored activity in the AI market for 3 years, gives us the inside track on today’s M&A trends and how they’re likely to impact the future shape of the AI marketplace. • Gathering pace – the appetite for M&A, its likely rate of growth and future trajectory

• Hot technologies and hungry acquirers – who’s shopping and what they’re looking for

• What’s the motive? From fast returns to acquiring innovation, how motivation will influence deals and partnerships

• The shape of things to come – how M&A will change the AI market and impact adoption

Giovanni leads the global team that monitors the AI market for Mergermarket looking for growth opportunities and analysing M&A trends. He also manages a global network of over 200 journalists and 100 analysts that provides the company’s clients with a unique source of insight to corporate strategy and M&A intentions. He has worked with Mergermarket since 2001, holding roles in the UK, Germany and Italy before taking on his current global editorship. He previously worked with Commerzbank in Germany and has a degree in economics from the University of Brescia, Italy