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 Searching for success – using new search technologies to overcome age-old business challenges

AI may be changing the world, but your biggest business challenges remain fundamentally unchanged; you need to sell more, promote your brands, increase market share and outperform your competitors.  Much of your success depends on how well you manage the first stage of customer engagement.  Google and other search engines are using early stage AI to handle customer searches and are able to predict top-ranking web pages with greater accuracy than human teams.  Using practical case studies of success and failure, Jayne demonstrates how this contributes to customer experience and outlines 8 top tips for getting better search results than your competitors.

Jayne is at the forefront of technological change, helping companies re-shape their marketing functions in line with digital and data-driven strategies. She has managed IT-driven change management programmes across multiple industries including manufacturing, telco and financial services and, dedicated to making change an inclusive rather than imposed process, has led employee empowerment programmes, taken part in complex union negotiations and re-modelled working environments.