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Autonomics – the combination of AI and automation – has the power to transform business efficiency, employee productivity, customer experience and overall organisational agility. But like any transformative technology, autonomics is accompanied with hype and angst about loss of jobs and overall “loss of control” by humans. Successful organisations will look beyond the rhetoric and focus on a positive partnership between humans
and machines. Kalyan Kumar (popularly known as KK) urges us to look at lessons from history where, far from destroying jobs, quantum leaps in technology have always resulted in overall betterment of economies, creating new job opportunities which are more evolved and which impact even more humans. Drawing on more than two decades of experience helping some of the world’s largest organisations achieve their technology transformation goals, KK shares four key tenets of the human-machine partnership:
• Partner with machines – use new technologies to augment human intelligence, not replace human labour
• Recreate work – redefine roles and rebuild business processes based on the automation of activities not jobs
• Plan pro-human – upgrade and automate IT estates progressively and re-skill people in the process
• Get big ambition – envision your AI-enabled business of the future and plan a route towards it

Kalyan Kumar has been the a primary architect in the development and maturity of HCL’s leading technology solutions portfolio and played a spearheading role in defining HCL’s market-leading points-of-view on key transformative technologies such as cloud, automation, service integration and management, and remote infrastructure management.