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I’m a business psychologist (same as occupational, organisational or industrial) which means you’d work with me if you believe your organisation could achieve more through its people – but maybe you aren’t quite sure how.
I’m also a social entrepreneur. Ideas are worth very little – and rather than fantasize, I like and get huge reward from making things work.

– I am very pragmatic. I always think about things from the point of view of ‘will that work in reality’? – I’m not motivated by money. I give back, run a not for profit site and do my job because I love it.
– I’m direct and I don’t beat around the bush. I probably need to exorcise a little more tact at times.
– I am cognisant of my role – I’m not superior or precious. I won’t get irritated or stroppy if you don’t adopt everything I say, but I will challenge you.
– I have lots of energy to get things done and never miss a deadline.
– I provide a service, but relationships I have with clients or other peers are reciprocal: I respect them and they respect me.
– I believe happiness is overrated. I’d much rather be engaged and excited about something. Whatever happens I’m never bored.
– I’m forever an optimist and try to see the good and positives in a situation. I play to my strengths and encourage others to do the same.