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Manuela Pifani
Founder & MD, CXellence Consulting

The key strategic and technological trends set to transform CX by 2020
Manuela Pifani, Founder and Director, CXellence Consulting
Over the last 5 years, the customer experience arena has undergone rapid change. No longer the prerogative of operational departments, it is now seen as a key strategic and transformational driver; a tool for the whole organisation. However, reality doesn’t always match intent, and many companies still struggle to build basic CX management capabilities and to achieve the ephemeral goal of stronger customer loyalty. In this session, Manuela explores the top 10 strategic and technological trends that can help you transform your CX and achieve deeper customer engagement by 2020.

Manuela is a Certified CX Professional with a strong track record for transforming the CX of the large international organisations she has worked with during her career. These include Direct Line Group, RBS, Barclays and Kingfisher. Her achievements have been recognised with multiple award wins and, in 2015, she was named UK CX Professional of the Year at the UK Customer Experience Awards. Manuela has a reputation for setting successful CX strategies and influencing Executive Boards to embed customer-centricity in the DNA of their organisations. In 2018 Manuela started CXellence consultancy to help other organisations achieve success through CX excellence.