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Entrepreneurs in the driving seat:  How open platforms will accelerate innovation in autonomous driving

The evolution of autonomous driving technologies is set to disrupt the global automotive industry and transform our lives. However, their development remains in the hands of a small number of automotive industry big players whose deep pockets give them a stranglehold on innovation.  The development of open platforms promises to open up the field, allowing smaller, entrepreneurial companies to get in on the autonomous driving act.  Mark Preston believes this will accelerate innovation and deliver a better, safer and more affordable self-drive revolution – faster. His presentation will evaluate progress so far and look ahead to an accelerated future.

  • Barriers to entry – why it’s been too hard for entrepreneurs to break the stranglehold of the big players
  • Accessible innovation through open platforms – where it will come from and how it will change the game
  • Open communities stimulate specialisation – how sharing ideas allows aspiring developers to flourish as specialists
  • Closing the STEM skills gap – how openness allows academia to influence industry applications and helps future engineers acquire experience and skills

Combining engineering and design skills with formidable business acumen Mark has held key roles in several Formula 1 teams and founded the Super Aguri F1 team in just 100 days.  More recently he’s created the TECHEETAH Formula E(lectric) Team, which has won two podium places in the third season of the Formula E Championship.  He is also co-founder of StreetDrone which, in partnership with Renault, is aiming to create the world’s first truly autonomous-ready vehicle platform.