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Taking the pulse – healthcare towards 2025

Martin Wakeley, Managing Director, Health, Nth Dimension and former NHS Acute Trust CEO

In the developed world medical health is increasingly defined by technology.  Drug treatments, surgical interventions, medical devices and, most recently, genomic profiling are all fuelled by scientific research and evidence based outcomes. The cost of providing both medical intervention and primary care is rising rapidly as treatments become more advanced and as ageing populations place ever more complex demands upon healthcare providers and the governments that fund them.  Based on years of experience in the NHS Martin will consider current applications of AI in healthcare and what they can do to reduce the cost burden.

  • Affordable medical provision and care – what contribution can AI technologies and data-driven analytics make?
  • The evidence – from automated triage to ‘digital doctors’, service avatars and passive monitoring, can AI meet patients’ needs and reduce costs?
  • The forecast – how rapidly will AI be adopted and is it possible to avoid ‘care compromises’ in order to save money?
  • The response – with clinicians committed to hands on care and human contact, what are the challenges to introducing AI and how can they be overcome?

Martin began his career as a scientist working in pathology before moving into operational management within the NHS. In a number of senior roles he has been at the vanguard of change, introducing new technology and engaging the clinical workforce in new models of care.  His recently founded company, Nth Dimension, is backed by Tech Mahindra and aims to disrupt healthcare with the introduction of new technologies and data-driven solutions through innovative solutions and commercial models.