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Employee Experience Design – What problem are we trying to solve?

Many self-proclaimed experts in this emerging field have tried to conveniently categorise the essence of employee experience across areas of interactions such as culture, work, technology and physical/virtual work environments.  It is however important not to over-simplify how human beings consume their experience.  We need to be mindful of how each of us engages with various elements of our daily lives, and capture the complexity of our six senses, assimilating various inputs to formulate an aggregate perception of our experience.

When we apply technology to this equation – often to assist our interactivity in a work context, it comes down to the user’s experience and the ease of consumption.  Technology can help create a seamless, frictionless and informed experience that simplifies and enlightens our lives and accelerates our success as individuals in ways too complex to achieve on our own or manually.

Matt is a Partner at The Pioneers, a people management consultancy that’s changing the way the world manages its people. Matt is passionate about helping organisations to innovate with new management practices and new ways of working to improve employee engagement, customer experiences and business performance. His current clients include Nando’s, Costa, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Hilton.