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A Prudential future. How AI is underpinning long term business value for one of the world’s biggest insurers

Prudential is one of the world’s insurance industry giants, with 24 million customers worldwide and more than £600 billion under management.  In 2015 it commenced a digital transformation programme that led to Michael Natusch’s appointment to lead its global AI strategy.  Today Prudential is using AI and machine learning to revolutionise communications with customers and employees; to accelerate claims processing and to nail regulatory compliance.  It’s already seeing the returns in terms of cost savings in the £10s of millions and a dramatically improved customer experience. Michael’s  presentation reveals the commercial realities of AI in insurance and encourages CEO’s everywhere to stop listening to consultants and quizzing vendors, and to set out on the AI journey right now, using their own resources and trusting to their own commercial instincts. Hear him and find out…

  • How Prudential introduced AI to make compliance automatic, repeatable and reliable
  • About the voice-powered robots that have abolished call waiting times and are driving customer acceptance of AI-driven services
  • How Prudential has drastically reduced the cost and resource needed to run its annual employee performance review programmes
  • How AI is helping Prudential close claims quicker and make better decisions

Michael is the Global Head of AI in the Group Digital team of Prudential plc.  He joined Prudential last year from Silicon Valley based Pivotal Labs where he led the Data Science team.  He is an expert in the application of AI methods to large-scale, multi-structured data sets; in particular neural network based deep learning techniques. Michael previously founded and sold a ‘Silicon Roundabout’ based startup and has been a partner in a major consulting firm.  He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge and is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.