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Better, faster and ultimately more human.  Why AI is better for PwC’s clients, consultants and business performance

PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the UK’s most prestigious professional services firms, with almost 20,000 seasoned professionals advising blue chip clients in just about every industry imaginable.  Few businesses have greater dependence upon or respect for human intelligence, knowledge and judgement, yet PwC is farsighted enough to rank ‘technology enablement’ among its top five strategic priorities.  In 2014 it began augmenting human intelligence with AI, adopting evolving technologies to accelerate the assimilation of data and to hypothesis solutions to its clients’ problems and challenges.  Three years on Michael reflects on the performance benefits and investment challenges arising from AI led transformation – and on how PwC’s people are learning to collaborate with technology.

  • Collaboration, mutual support and human validation – why the output of machine learning is always validated by human experts – and what humans are learning from that
  • Quality outcomes achieved at speed – how AI is helping PwC do more work better and faster and to bridge the talent gap
  • Where inspiration comes from – collaborating with tech vendors large and small to stay ahead of the AI curve
  • And the people love it… why PwC’s junior analysts feel liberated by technology that gives them freedom to think big

Leading innovation and transformation Michael is helping PwC reimagine and reinvent itself as the world of professional services changes to embrace the new wave of technology. He has been responsible for developing and deploying AI within the firm, building different talent models and new ways to share and collaborate.  He is a partner in the firm and has both established and led its global Human Resources Consulting Practice.  He has a strong background in employment matters and talent management within financial institutions in particular.