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Transforming business and customer engagement with AI


Today’s far-sighted companies are using AI-powered technologies to deliver a highly refined customer experience across a wide range of traditional and digital channels – recognising customers, anticipating their needs, engaging proactively and providing differentiated services based on an intimate knowledge of who they are and what motivates them.  They’re also using it to capture and analyse customer insights that are the starting point for customer-focused business transformation.  Based on long experience at the coalface of AI innovation in customer experience, Navin’s presentation offers insights for organisations that want to establish profitable relationships with highly engaged customers – and build their business operations to support them.

  • Where to start – how to make customer engagement the fulcrum point for your AI strategy
  • From AI-enabled virtual assistants to the IoT – creating convenience for customers and efficiency for your operation
  • Customer insight – using individual and collective customer data to create effective products and services

Navin is an innovator, author and consultant in areas of AI and machine learning, cloud computing, big data analytics, software product development, engineering and R&D.  As Chief Architect for DRYiCE Autonomics at HCL, he’s responsible for IP development and service delivery in key technology areas.  He is also the author of several best-selling books on cloud computing, automation and big data.