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The next big game. From chessboards to quiz shows and computers that think like brains

IBM has pioneered breakthrough technologies for decades, including Deep Blue in 1997 and Watson in 2014. And it’s been more successful than most in converting these breakthroughs into commercial propositions that transform business.  Peter’s next challenge is to identify and develop ‘the next big thing’ for IBM.  He’ll talk about what that might be and how it’ll impact our lives. And he’ll provide insights on the process of invention and the hard-to-make step from science-led innovation to commercial application.

  • From Kasparov to Jeopardy – how IBM uses competition to drive focused innovation
  • From chessboard to Playstation – how mind blowing technologies become life changing products
  • A new way of thinking – how quantum and neuromorphic processing create computers that think like humans
  • The process of imagination – how IBM visions the future and makes it real

Peter has led IBM’s Emerging Technology Programme for 12 years and, in that time, his team has delivered over 20 client projects and turned many research ideas into full scale software products, often working in collaboration with academia, industrial research partners and start-up organisations.  Peter also advises a range of academic research programmes and represents IBM on a range of technical and standards groups.