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Disruption or transformation?  It’s your choice


Disruption, Disruption, Disruption. Knowing where to start and which trends are the ones to believe and get behind remains a challenge. But is AI really new? Where the examples of existing use are and what can we learn from them, what are the realities and benefits and what are the lessons we should reference when setting out on a transformative journeys?  Simon will set out Ember’s perspectives gained from working with some of the world’s leading organisations to deliver advanced customer experiences.

Simon has been involved in the customer management industry for over 20 years – as both an operational leader and an advisor to major brands globally. He is a regular presenter and trusted industry commentator, being voted amongst the industry’s most influential voices in 2015/16.  As an Ember Director, Simon has worked with some of the UK’s most significant brands to help them navigate through the complexity of defining and delivering technology led transformations to elevate the customer experience.  In his spare time Simon is a keen golfer, football fan and family man, all of which involve far too much shouting these days!