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Panel: “Augment Me
Sophie Gonin, CEO, Alume Consulting (ex Facebook and eBay) with Amin Fard, CEO, Prepp, and Ian Gosling, Founder, Autto, will spotlight the human side of enterprise customer engagement today and how automation technology augments employee engagement and efficiency via chat bots and workflow automation.

Sophie has over 16 years of real-life experience in both customer success management and leading marketing and enterprise SaaS, across the US and EMEA. She has direct experience managing enterprise customers, growing customer success organisations, pioneering processes, and driving scaled programs in customer success to drive double digit positive NPS scores. Sophie has worked, and established practices, with a diverse set of companies including small independent marketing agencies, mid-size ecommerce platforms like Magento under eBay and now Adobe, and startups such as Facebook’s first enterprise SaaS offering – Workplace by Facebook. She has personally worked with hundreds of global companies to launch enterprise technologies across their employee and customer base – achieving high adoption, engagement, profits, and customer evangelists.