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AI & Robotics Events




Our Exclusive AI Roundtable Workshops

The AI Roundtable Workshops are hosted as either Breakfast or Lunch style events, for a small number of participants together with an expert speaker. These can be organised as a close corporate C-Suite workshop to help inform your future AI strategy.

Corporate & C-Suite Workshops

Organised as a closed corporate or C-Suite workshop as either a Breakfast or Lunch style event. This can either be hosted within the company office or externally.

The topics will vary and determined by the specific need of the attending group. Example topics include;

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Setting up an Innovation Practice
  • Becoming a Digital Native business
  • Ethics, Governance and Responsible AI
  • Tools, Frameworks and Vendor Selection Methodology 

We are also able to offer a full education programme for your company executives to guide them on the journey of AI adaption.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of us running one of these workshops for your company please feel free to email us so we can organise a free consultation to determine your exact company needs.

Please email Andy Pardoe at to arrange a meeting or fill in the form below


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AI & Robotics events are organised by Informed AI Events Ltd

A business media organisation with a reputation for creating mould-breaking business events that challenge traditional thinking and overturn established formats. With more than 30 years’ experience the Informed AI team has managed national and international events on every continent in industries including customer experience, employee engagement, outsourcing, information and communication technologies, food manufacturing, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Informed AI  events are more than conferences; they connect audiences in new ways, opening up opportunities for discussion and debate that foster innovation and business growth.

For information on the AI & Robotics and CX events, please contact: Andy Pardoe via email: