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Our weekly news update:

The biggest shake-up this week in the AI world is the first-ever fatal crash of Tesla’s self-driven car. Will this create a huge set-back to the project of autonomous vehicles? As more modes of transportation go autonomous, the incident could become a game-changer. More 1 More 2 More 3


On the trend of autonomous transport, British firm Rolls-Royce has announced that it expects remote-controlled cargo ships by 2020. The aero-engine producing giant projects that crew-free ships without a bridge and living quarters will increase efficiency and safety with fewer possibility of human errors. More 

And if cars and boats can go autonomous, why not a fighter plane? University of Cincinnati has just announced that an AI ‘Top Gun’ has beaten a retired United States Air Force colonel in a simulator. More

Forget moving vehicles, planes & vessels. Where Artificial intelligence might really make the difference is in the softer area of customer interaction and Internet commerce. AI’s potential to process volumes of data at a very high speed, recognize patterns and learn from them in split-seconds means that AI will be able to come up with a prompt to persuade the customer to complete a purchase or make hyper-personalized suggestions resulting in a successful sale.  A trend already in place at the biggest online commerce giants like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. More