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A new multi-billion research and development centre is being opened in Wiltshire by Sir James Dyson. The new tech campus will be based on a 517-acre former Ministry of Defence (MoD) site at Hullavington.

The vacuum and electronics company is aiming to double its workforce to about 7,000 in the next five or six years.

Sir James said: “After 25 years of UK growth, and continuing expansion globally, we are fast outgrowing our Malmesbury Campus.” The company’s headquarters are based in Malmesbury in the Cotswolds.

“The 517-acre Hullavington Campus is an investment for our future, creating a global hub for our research and development endeavours.

“It will enable us to continue creating world-class products and jobs right here in the Cotswolds,” he said. “We’ve grown so fast over the last four years,” says Sir James Dyson

In September, Sir James announced plans to launch the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology – a new university based in Malmesbury.

Earlier in February, the company opened a technology centre in Singapore.

Sir James, a prominent Brexit campaigner, said the company’s plans were not affected by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. He added the vote was a “minor event” in a company’s life.

“As a company, you do what you do, you invest in your future and you carry on doing it. Brexit’s got nothing to do with it.”

Dyson already has two sites in the UK – its Malmesbury HQ and a Bristol software hub.

Dyson has not disclosed how much will be invested in the Hullavington site, but the group has pledged to pump £2.5bn into future technologies and currently spends £7m a week on R&D.

Sir James added: “To win in the world stage you have to develop new technology and develop great products and that’s what we’re doing here.

“Because we’re able to do this successfully, we’re able to export our products all around the world and enjoy the really fast expanding markets that exist in the Far East.”