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Dr Tom Chatfield, tech philosopher, author, broadcaster and advocate of intelligence both artificial and human

As smart machines become embedded in the world’s we inhabit as business leaders, workers and consumers, we need to think again about what it means to be human – and to use AI to enhance, not diminish, our humanity. From augmenting the performance of workers to engaging consumers to win hearts and minds; from transforming today’s businesses to creating tomorrow’s, Tom takes a philosophical look at AI and challenges us to use it to be the best we can be.

  • Computer says no. The threat of artificial stupidity and why smart machines don’t automatically create smarter people
  • Us and them. What computers cannot replace – and how they challenge us to redefine human intelligence
  • AI with ambition. Aim for tomorrow’s business sooner, not yesterday’s business faster
  • Along for the ride. How we can create systems that elevate human experience at work and in life (and allow us to focus on what truly matters)

As a philosopher and designer, Tom is interested in improving everyone’s experience of digital technology and its fruitful application in policy, business, education and engagement.  He has authored six books exploring digital culture, published in over two dozen languages, and writes widely in international media as well as lecturing at universities across the UK and Europe.   He’s an associate editor at Prospect magazine, a faculty member in London’s School of Life, a member of the Economics Research Council and senior expert at the Global Governance Institute.  He’s currently researching critical thinking around technology as a Visiting Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute, and collaborating with leading businesses and brands around human experience in an age of smart machines.