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David D’Souza, Head of London and of Engagement, CIPD


David D’Souza, a self-confessed geek and early adopter of technology of all kinds, urges us to consider the long term commercial, societal and economic impacts of automation and invites businesses to ask themselves, ‘just because we can automate, do we think we always should?’  By challenging the assumption that the biggest commercial gain AI offers is a reduced dependency on human capital, he’ll encourage us to think about how automation can be used to enhance human potential, not replace it.

  • The long game – how aggressive automation delivers short term commercial advantage but has the potential to destroy markets
  • Beware the algorithm – why the ‘false objectivity’ of machine learning must be challenged by human insight and experience
  • I am not a number – the commercial risk of replacing human talent with artificial intelligence
  • Achieving balance – how to make the automate/don’t automate decision and lessons from businesses that have got it right

David D’Souza has been described as ‘one of the UK’s most influential HR and workplace commentators’ and as something of a firebrand within CIPD’ (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.  He’s certainly a challenging commentator on the future world of work, the impacts of AI on HR practice and the commercial realisation of human talent.  Before joining CIPD in 2015 he worked as an independent organisational development consultant and held a series of senior people development and HR roles in leading financial services businesses, including Metrobank and CPP Group.