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Jayne Reddyhoff, Change management specialist and Managing Director, Zanzi Digital

Despite grim prophesies the technological advances of recent decades haven’t led to mass redundancies or the end of work as we know it.  That’s because those advances have almost always allowed businesses to find better ways to serve their customers and new work for their people to do. AI and robotics will be no different.  So, instead of hesitating, it’s time to move fast. The pace at which technology is now advancing means early adopters can make big gains, while late comers risk their businesses being damaged beyond repair.

Jayne, who has managed technology-led change management programmes for nearly twenty years, explains how to take your employees with you on the journey.


  • Champions and advocates – getting people to ‘make change’ not ‘be changed’
  • Servant or master – making technology serve the business, not dominate its people
  • Partners not adversaries – building open-book relationships with unions and works councils
  • Humans and machines – being clear about what each can do (and why both matter)
  • Leaders – why change must be driven by business leaders, not delegated to HR



Jayne’s career has been dedicated to helping companies embrace new technologies that serve their businesses and empower their people to achieve more. She’s managed IT-driven change management programmes across multiple industries including manufacturing, telco and financial services.  Dedicated to making change an inclusive rather than imposed process, she’s led employee empowerment programmes, taken part in complex union negotiations and re-modelled working environments.  Today she remains at the forefront of change, helping companies re-shape their marketing functions and activities in line with digital and data-driven strategies.