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Nicola Strong, Managing Consultant, Strong Enterprises

Arguably the success of AI will be measured in its ability to deliver sales through effective customer service or to give employees a sense of real engagement with their leaders. Nicola will set out some of the latest research that implies AI can not only connect, but can easily gain our trust.

  • Clues for building trust: the process of humanising robots and chatbots
  • Will the real Robbie the Robot please step forward: case studies where AI communication already works
  • What makes a perfect virtual assistant: review of what humans need in an artificial intelligent virtual personality
  • Will robots ever smile back?

Nicola is intrigued by authentic communication in digital spaces and how new technologies can either enhance or block our working lives.  As a researcher and lateral futurologist she has been exploring the use of augmented reality in customer service, learning how gamification helps leaders lead, debating how robots impact the job market and engaging the collective intelligence of groups through online tools and social media. Before launching her virtual change management consultancy Nicola worked on installing large information systems in FTSE100 global companies, as researcher on the Tomorrow’s Company Inquiry team at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and was a Co-Director of the Pierian Centre (Community Interest Company, Bristol)

She is a member of the British Computer Society, the Association for Business Psychology and the IFIP 9.5 Working Group on Virtuality and Society.