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Gorkan Ahmetoglu, Lecturer in Business Psychology, University College London (UCL) and Co-Founder, Meta Profiling

AI gives organisations unprecedented opportunities to improve productivity and achieve innovation. But, the human brain, which dictates our needs and desires, has hardly changed in 250,000 years.  So, though technology accelerates innovation, how much of it can your customers and employees cope with?  AI and robotics can replace people in the workplace, but is the human touch a pre-requisite for customer satisfaction?  Technology brings boundless autonomy, but how autonomous do people want to be? Which individuals and organisations will thrive in the AI enabled world and what shape will the entrepreneurial revolution take?

This talk evaluates the new interface between technology, psychology and commercial endeavour including…

  • The entrepreneurial revolution – why the best entrepreneurs will be the most desirable employees
  • The dark side of entrepreneurship – the consequences of not having it and the risks of having too much
  • Robot HR – why much of HR can be replaced by algorithms (and how much should)
  • The millennial brain – do millenials want a different world – and should we let them have it?
  • The zombie customer – the negative side effects of innovation on customer psychology and behavior (and why they don’t tell us about their symptoms until it’s too late)

A leading expert in psychological profiling, Gorkan has a career-long interest in entrepreneurial talent and how it thrives.  His company, Meta Profiling, specialises in identifying entrepreneurial individuals and his academic career has focused on entrepreneurship and consumer behaviour. He has consulted with leading brands including HSBC, Google, Ford, Tesco and Sainsbury, for management consultancies including KPMG and the British Brands Group, and for the UK Government.  Before joining UCL he was Director of Management & Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, London.